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The First Age

To the furthest and oldest texts discovered of the recorded history, Terras, in the first age, was occupied by harpies, humans, centaurs, fauns, and lupams. The harpies held control over the north-western territories of terras, having a huge empire. The humans had small towns and villages across terras mainly occupying the Ruby Desert known then as the Blood Desert. The centaurs were very sparse and scattered like the humans across terras mainly in clans. They were much more hostile and tended to rampage small settlements and were rivals with the humans. The fauns held control of the south-western territories and were at war with the lupams over land. To the most eastern part of terras was controlled by the harpies but scarcely populated.

The harpie empire was the most powerful race on terras having full lordship over the lands. Their capital was Lustella or known today as The Ruins of Starlight.

Closing in the the end of the first age, it is recorded that a civil war broke out among the harpies divinding the empire between the west harpies and the east harpies. The West harpies had the humans and fauns on their side while the centaurs and lupams faught with the east harpies. The great war of terras ended when the celestials interveined and cursed the east harpies, deforming them into the current drake race. Their minds were twisted and their blood turned cold. Their feathers were withered away into the bat wings seen today in their decendents. The centaurs and lupams fled in fear of these drakes and joined allegiance with the western harpies. The drakes poisoned their land into the Barren Lands. Killing all life their and turning it into a land of poisonous fumes and bitter taste.

The celestials also cursed the western harpies by letting their empire dissolve into history. They sent many natural disasters against the empire and tore apart their society. The harpy race was close to extinction, submitting to humans for food and shelter. Still, their race continued to die out till only 5 were left on terras scattered across the land. The last five interbred with humans creating the current Winglet race seen today.

Also during the second age, the celestials looked to the humans to take over terras. One human in particular named Dosithois pleased the celestials and in return, blessed his decedents with unique gifts forming the Dosman race seen today. The Dosmans grew in power and formed their own kingdom in the east before the fall of the Harpy Empire. They built a city and fortress of pure diamond made by a dosman who was gifted with the ability to grow minerals. The celestials gifted one dosman with the power to control another's mind. They meant good for this dosman, hoping that with this power, the dosman would stop the war. However, he had no interest in stopping the war between the harpies. This dosman hungered for power, and began controlling the minds of other dosmans to do what he wanted, slowly gaining power. The more he used his power, the stronger it became. Eventually the celestials realized what he was becoming and blessed another dosman with the power to resist mind control. This dosman eventual killed the other dosman, or so they thought.

The Second Age

During the second age, the humans began to advance in their civilizations, their small towns turning into cities and their cities turning into kingdoms. The first four human kingdoms were The Northern Isles, The Red Kingdom, The Mountain Empire, and Blackwood. These four kingdoms remained in a general area referred to by outsiders as the human square.

The centuars were driven away by the humans and took domain over the southern territories of terras. However their nation divided into three separating into three smaller nations called Heland, Natredan, and Joshatan.

The fauns and Lupams settled their war with the fauns winning and taking over the territory in the north and the current winglet empire and the lupams took domain over the southern territory west of the centuars in current day Welesair.

The land that is occupied now by Tannintopia was wild and untamed, filled with giant beats known as dragons that ruled over it. The land then too was also called Tannintopia, land of the dragon. However, a group of humans whom wanted to see these huge beasts themselves went on an exploration their and ended up forming the country their today.

Now the Dosman country was one of the strongest there. They reiened over the Sundertham Rise and the Freefait Plateau and the Secret Woods known then as Birigan's Forest. Birigan's Forest was quite ordinary and was mainly occupied by a few Dosmans whom wanted a free and simple life in the country side. One family gave birth to a daughter named Narima who was gifted with the ability to enchant creatures. And so she enchanted the whole forest with magic creating the magical creatures such as Srarphins, Naulo, Light Pixies, Draffaal, Rainbirds and Roltwolves; along with enchanted plants such as Wish Willows, Troshine, Moon Oaks, Akreye Pines, King's Sycamore, Spirit Daisies, Grush, Blood Snowdrops, and Nightmare Nightshade. Some enchantments did good while others did bad. Eventually those who did inhabit the forest fled in fear of being enchanted themselves. The forest was then named the Secret Wood since many secrets lie within it.

The Third Age

The Fourth Age


  • Alitium
  • Cornu
  • Equues
  • Frayland
  • Heland
  • (The) Mountain Empire
  • (The) Northern Isles
  • (The) Red Kingdom
  • Tannintopia
  • Welesair


  • Centaur
  • Dosman
  • Drake
  • Faun
  • Human
  • Lupam
  • Winglet